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Rice for Nigeria

Delay in the Rice for Nigeria Project and a Request for Support

We have an important update regarding our Rice for Nigeria project. Originally, we planned to complete additional distributions in March, finalizing this phase of the project. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, we have not been able to proceed as scheduled. We are now aiming to complete this vital work in May.

Our goal is to purchase fifty 50-kilo bags of rice, totaling 2500 kilos. Each bag costs about 90,000 Naira (approximately $120 USD), which means we need about $6,000 USD to meet our target. Recent economic changes have significantly impacted our mission: the cost of rice in Nigeria has roughly doubled in the last year due to inflation and a ban on rice importation. This not only makes our mission more expensive but also more crucial, as many more families, especially in rural and slum areas, are in a worse situation now than they were just a year ago.

The rice will be repackaged into smaller 3 to 5 kg bags, along with spices, for distribution to those in need. If you’ve been considering supporting this cause, now is the perfect time to donate. Our volunteers are ready and passionate about continuing their work, eager to help distribute these essential supplies. However, we urgently need additional funds to purchase the rice and spices. Your support can directly enable us to move forward with our distributions. Please consider making a donation today to help us continue this essential project. See our past videos and events for more insights into our work.

Máme důležitou aktualizaci týkající se našeho projektu Rýže pro Nigérii. Původně jsme plánovali dokončit další distribuce v březnu a tím ukončit tuto fázi projektu. Bohužel kvůli nedostatku financí se nám nepodařilo pokračovat podle plánu. Nyní cílíme na dokončení této životně důležité práce v květnu.

Naším cílem je zakoupit padesát 50kilogramových pytlů rýže, což celkem činí 2500 kilogramů. Cena každého pytle je přibližně 90 000 naira (asi 120 USD), takže potřebujeme asi 6 000 USD, abychom dosáhli našeho cíle. Nedávné ekonomické změny výrazně ovlivnily naši misi: cena rýže v Nigérii se za poslední rok zhruba zdvojnásobila kvůli inflaci a zákazu dovozu rýže. To nejen že zdražuje naši misi, ale také ji činí důležitější, protože mnoho rodin, zejména v venkovských a chudinských oblastech, je nyní v horší situaci než před rokem.

Rýže bude přebalena do menších 3 až 5kilogramových pytlů společně s kořením pro distribuci těm, kteří ji potřebují. Pokud jste uvažovali o podpoře této příčiny, nyní je ten pravý čas přispět. Naši dobrovolníci jsou připraveni a vášnivě chtějí pokračovat ve své práci, jsou nadšení pomoci distribuovat tyto zásadní zásoby. Avšak naléhavě potřebujeme další finanční prostředky na nákup rýže a koření. Vaše podpora může přímo umožnit pokračování našich distribucí. Prosím, zvažte dnes darování a pomozte nám pokračovat v tomto životně důležitém projektu. Pro další

Rice for Nigeria

Rice for Nigeria in Makoko Slum, Lagos

On January 25, 2024, the AAA Global Care Foundation hosted a significant event in Makoko, Lagos, starting before dawn at 5 am. Our day began with a visit to the bustling fish market in Makoko, a vital part of the community. While there, we captured a video showcasing the vibrant market life, though it doesn’t include our meeting with the Women’s leader where we introduced our team and discussed our mission. This video is available below for a glimpse into the local atmosphere.

Following our market visit, we used loudspeakers to communicate our purpose and share a message about the gospel of Jesus with the broader community. The main event was distributing 3kg bags of rice and spices to hundreds of residents. The feedback was extremely positive, with many people expressing their thanks for the support.

As the distribution concluded, the atmosphere turned celebratory. One of our volunteers led the crowd in gospel songs, sparking spontaneous dancing and smiles among the participants. It was a joyous end to a day filled with giving and gratitude.

This effort underscored the importance of supporting each other and the impact small gestures can have on a community. We extend our deepest thanks to all involved, from the volunteers and donors to the residents of Makoko, for making this event a success. A special mention goes to the Women’s leader for helping us connect with the community.

At the end of this post, you’ll find the video from the fish market, offering a look into the daily life of Makoko and setting the stage for our day of distribution and connection.

Check out the images and videos below to see more from the day.

This video shows the end of the event in Makoko.

Hope and Solidarity: AAA Global Care Foundation’s Mission at the IDP Camp in Makurdi

On the 29th January 2024 AAA Global Care Foundation recently made a trip to the IDP Camp in Abagena, Makurdi, Nigeria.

IDP stands for Internal Displacement Camp. It’s a place where people go when they have to leave their homes because of violence or the threat of violence. These people often arrive with nothing.

Volunteers from the AAA Global Care Foundation drove from Kaduna to the camp with a Toyota full of supplies like rice, beans, and spices. They teamed up with local volunteers to give out these supplies. They organized the event carefully to make sure everyone received their packages smoothly.

In the video shared, you’ll notice a lot of women and children, and fewer men. Many of the women are widows, lost their husbands to recent violence. It’s also clear that a lot of people are wearing worn-out clothes because they don’t have anything else to wear.

Even though the situation is tough, the mood in the camp was surprisingly positive, with many smiles around. The volunteers handed out hundreds of packages, each with enough food for about 10 meals, helping each family for a few days.

The interaction between the volunteers and the camp residents was touching. It showed that kindness and support during hard times are valuable, offering hope and a sense of community.

Watch the video and look at the photos below.

AAA Global Care Foundation’s Visit to Bokkos IDP Camp and Affected Area

Reaching Out in Times of Sorrow

In December 2023, the small community of Bokkos in Plateau State, Nigeria, faced unimaginable terror: a brutal attack that claimed over 200 lives. Amidst this sorrow, the AAA Global Care Foundation stepped in to offer support and share in the grief of those affected.

The Context of the Tragedy

To fully grasp the significance of this visit, it’s important to understand the context. The attacks between December 23rd and 25th, targeting 17 communities, were part of a larger, ongoing conflict in the area. This region has seen its fair share of strife, often due to land and religious disputes. Factors like unemployment, overpopulation, and historical tensions have only added fuel to the fire.

AAA Global Care Foundation’s Gesture of Solidarity

In such a grim scenario, the team from AAA Global Care Foundation arrived at the IDP camp not just to offer condolences but to genuinely connect with those who were suffering. They listened to the stories of the widows, the bereaved, and all those affected by the attacks. In a simple yet profound gesture, two representatives danced with the community, symbolizing a shared hope for better days.

Their prayers for peace and healing crossed all cultural and religious boundaries, offering a moment of unity in a time of division.

A Community’s Demand for Action

The aftermath of the attacks has been tough, with the community calling for justice and better protection. The response from the Nigerian Army and the government has been under scrutiny, and the call for action has resonated globally.

In January 2024, a massive rally in Jos, the state capital, brought together thousands calling for peace and accountability, underlining the community’s resilience and desire for change.

The visit by the AAA Global Care Foundation to the Bokkos IDP camp reminds us of the power of human connection in the face of tragedy. It’s a story about not just offering sympathy but truly standing with those in pain. As we reflect on these events, it’s a call to all of us to remember the value of empathy and the need for lasting solutions to prevent such tragedies in the future. Here are some more images.


On 21.12.2023,AAA Global Care Foundation organised a large-scale distribution of rice to the residents of Ebute-Meta,Lagos.The distribution aimed to alleviate food insecurity and provide essential sustenance to those living in challenging circumstances.The foundation’s presence in this densely populated area was crucial and the distribution of rice stood as a testament to the organisation’s dedication to making a positive impact in the community. The foundation’s proactive initiative and commitment to providing support to communities in need, particularly in densely populated slums, demonstrate a commendable effort in addressing food insecurity in the region.

Rice For Nigeria in Lagos

AAA Global Care Foundation Extends RICE FOR NIGERIA Project to Agege, Lagos

December 14, 2023

In a heart warming extension of its outreach, the AAA Global Care Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Yomi Akinyemi, has broadened the scope of its „RICE FOR NIGERIA“ project by reaching out to Agege, a challenging suburb and local government area in the Ikeja Division of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Established with a mission to uplift young people in underserved communities, the AAA Global Care Foundation is not just an organization but a beacon of hope. It aims to empower the youth through education and motivation, providing them with the tools they need to build a brighter future.

Today, the streets of Agege were filled with hope and gratitude as the AAA Global Care Foundation team distributed free packages of rice to those in need. This gesture is part of their ongoing commitment to combat hunger and provide essential support to underserved communities.

The „RICE FOR NIGERIA“ project is a testament to the foundation’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of many. By addressing basic needs, the foundation is laying the groundwork for more significant change – one where education and motivation can take root and flourish.

Residents of Agege received the team with open arms, their faces lighting up with smiles as they accepted the packages of rice. These moments were captured in heartfelt photos, showcasing the real impact of the foundation’s work.

Yomi Akinyemi, the founder, expressed his joy and commitment to the cause: “Our work in Agege today marks a significant milestone in our journey. We are not just distributing food; we are sowing seeds of hope and laying the foundation for a better tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to see these communities thrive, with education and self-empowerment leading the way.”

The AAA Global Care Foundation continues to inspire and make a difference, proving that with compassion and action, positive change is always possible. Their work in Agege is just the beginning of a broader initiative to reach more communities and touch more lives across Nigeria and beyond.

See below videos and pictures of the event. A huge thank you to all the committed volunteers who made this happen today.

These are the committed volunteers of AAA Global Care Foundation in Lagos

It was a lively event

Distributing the packages

Many people arrived

👆This is Angwar ROMI a remote area in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. TODAY, RICE FOR NIGERIA project was carried out by AAA GLOBAL CARE FOUNDATION volunteers

RICE FOR NIGERIA project in Ungwan Romi

Today AAA Global Care Foundation distributed rice in Ungwan Romi, Kaduna, Under Kaduna south. Part of it is under Chukun Local Government Area. You can see the location here on Google maps.

Over 250 people received 3kg and 5kg packages containing rice and beans and spices. You can see how essential this is by the reactions of some of the recipients in the videos below.

Thank you to all the AAA GLOBAL CARE FOUNDATION volunteers who made this happen. See images and videos below.

👆This is Angwar ROMI a remote area in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. TODAY, RICE FOR NIGERIA project was carried out by AAA GLOBAL CARE FOUNDATION volunteers
The scene depicts a community gathering, possibly during a charity event where aid is being distributed. Multiple people are seated in plastic chairs, and many of them are holding small packets or boxes that have "NOT FOR SALE" printed on them, indicating that these items are donated and not to be sold. The crowd consists of a mix of individuals, predominantly adults, dressed in various colorful and patterned clothing, which suggests a cultural or traditional context, likely African. Volunteers or staff members are visible among the seated individuals, standing as they distribute the packets. The expressions on people's faces range from neutral to smiles, suggesting a positive atmosphere. The setting appears to be outdoors, in a communal space, perhaps a courtyard or open area of a village or town. The building structures in the background are simple and residential in style. Overall, the image conveys a sense of community engagement and support.

The Inaugural ‚Rice for Nigeria‘ Event in Inisha

On November 30, 2023, the ‚Rice for Nigeria‘ project celebrated its first day of distribution in Inisha, a charming town in Osun State, Nigeria. This momentous event, made possible by the unwavering support and generosity of our donors, saw the successful distribution of essential rice supplies to the local community. As we prepare to extend this aid to more areas, we remain deeply grateful to every individual contributing to this cause. Your kindness and support are not only changing lives but also reflect the love and blessings of Jesus. Thank you for joining us in this mission of compassion and care, inspired by faith and community spirit.

Update on the „Rice for Nigeria“ Project

7th November 2023 – Update!

The process of repacking and preparing for distribution is progressing smoothly, as evident in the photos and videos below. We extend our gratitude to all our volunteers in Lagos for their hard work. Soon, the packs will be ready for dispatch to those in the villages who need them the most. Read more here

Proces přebalení a přípravy distribuce probíhá hladce, což lze vidět na fotografiích a videích níže. Děkujeme všem našim dobrovolníkům v Lagosu za jejich tvrdou práci. Brzy budou balíčky připraveny k odeslání lidem ve vesnicích, kteří je potřebují nejvíce. Přečtěte si více