Rice for Nigeria

Rice for Nigeria in Makoko Slum, Lagos

On January 25, 2024, the AAA Global Care Foundation hosted a significant event in Makoko, Lagos, starting before dawn at 5 am. Our day began with a visit to the bustling fish market in Makoko, a vital part of the community. While there, we captured a video showcasing the vibrant market life, though it doesn’t include our meeting with the Women’s leader where we introduced our team and discussed our mission. This video is available below for a glimpse into the local atmosphere.

Following our market visit, we used loudspeakers to communicate our purpose and share a message about the gospel of Jesus with the broader community. The main event was distributing 3kg bags of rice and spices to hundreds of residents. The feedback was extremely positive, with many people expressing their thanks for the support.

As the distribution concluded, the atmosphere turned celebratory. One of our volunteers led the crowd in gospel songs, sparking spontaneous dancing and smiles among the participants. It was a joyous end to a day filled with giving and gratitude.

This effort underscored the importance of supporting each other and the impact small gestures can have on a community. We extend our deepest thanks to all involved, from the volunteers and donors to the residents of Makoko, for making this event a success. A special mention goes to the Women’s leader for helping us connect with the community.

At the end of this post, you’ll find the video from the fish market, offering a look into the daily life of Makoko and setting the stage for our day of distribution and connection.

Check out the images and videos below to see more from the day.

This video shows the end of the event in Makoko.

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