Join Our Volunteer Team

Make a Difference in Prague, Nigeria, and Beyond

We are seeking passionate volunteers to join our global effort in providing essential support to those in need. Our volunteer roles include:

  1. Distribution Champions: Help us distribute necessary items to people in need across Prague. Your role will involve hands-on work to ensure that vital supplies reach those who require them the most.

  2. Community Connectors: Visit local communities in Prague to understand and assess their needs. You will be the bridge between our organization and the people we serve, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met.

  3. Nigeria Outreach Team: Similar to our efforts in Prague, take on the role of a Community Connector or Distribution Champion in Nigeria. Your work will be crucial in providing support to communities and individuals in various parts of the country.

  4. African Countries Initiative: Extend your impact to other African countries. Be part of a team that visits, assesses, and supports various communities across the continent, providing essential services where they are most needed.

  5. Administrative Heroes: Support our mission through crucial behind-the-scenes work. From organizing events and managing databases to coordinating with local agencies, your skills will help keep our operations running smoothly.

  6. Resource Organizers: Play a key role in finding and organizing items for those in need. Whether it’s sourcing supplies or coordinating with donors, your efforts will directly contribute to the well-being of many.

Your Contribution Matters

Every volunteer brings unique skills and perspectives that are vital to our mission. Whether in the streets of Prague or the communities of Nigeria and other African countries, your time and dedication can make a real difference.

Join Us Today

Ready to make an impact? Fill out our volunteer application form on the right or contact us at for more information.

Groceries for homeless at Vltavska