Rice For Nigeria in Lagos

AAA Global Care Foundation Extends RICE FOR NIGERIA Project to Agege, Lagos

December 14, 2023

In a heart warming extension of its outreach, the AAA Global Care Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Yomi Akinyemi, has broadened the scope of its „RICE FOR NIGERIA“ project by reaching out to Agege, a challenging suburb and local government area in the Ikeja Division of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Established with a mission to uplift young people in underserved communities, the AAA Global Care Foundation is not just an organization but a beacon of hope. It aims to empower the youth through education and motivation, providing them with the tools they need to build a brighter future.

Today, the streets of Agege were filled with hope and gratitude as the AAA Global Care Foundation team distributed free packages of rice to those in need. This gesture is part of their ongoing commitment to combat hunger and provide essential support to underserved communities.

The „RICE FOR NIGERIA“ project is a testament to the foundation’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of many. By addressing basic needs, the foundation is laying the groundwork for more significant change – one where education and motivation can take root and flourish.

Residents of Agege received the team with open arms, their faces lighting up with smiles as they accepted the packages of rice. These moments were captured in heartfelt photos, showcasing the real impact of the foundation’s work.

Yomi Akinyemi, the founder, expressed his joy and commitment to the cause: “Our work in Agege today marks a significant milestone in our journey. We are not just distributing food; we are sowing seeds of hope and laying the foundation for a better tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to see these communities thrive, with education and self-empowerment leading the way.”

The AAA Global Care Foundation continues to inspire and make a difference, proving that with compassion and action, positive change is always possible. Their work in Agege is just the beginning of a broader initiative to reach more communities and touch more lives across Nigeria and beyond.


See below videos and pictures of the event. A huge thank you to all the committed volunteers who made this happen today.

These are the committed volunteers of AAA Global Care Foundation in Lagos

It was a lively event

Distributing the packages

Many people arrived

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