Hope and Solidarity: AAA Global Care Foundation’s Mission at the IDP Camp in Makurdi

On the 29th January 2024 AAA Global Care Foundation recently made a trip to the IDP Camp in Abagena, Makurdi, Nigeria.

IDP stands for Internal Displacement Camp. It’s a place where people go when they have to leave their homes because of violence or the threat of violence. These people often arrive with nothing.

Volunteers from the AAA Global Care Foundation drove from Kaduna to the camp with a Toyota full of supplies like rice, beans, and spices. They teamed up with local volunteers to give out these supplies. They organized the event carefully to make sure everyone received their packages smoothly.

In the video shared, you’ll notice a lot of women and children, and fewer men. Many of the women are widows, lost their husbands to recent violence. It’s also clear that a lot of people are wearing worn-out clothes because they don’t have anything else to wear.

Even though the situation is tough, the mood in the camp was surprisingly positive, with many smiles around. The volunteers handed out hundreds of packages, each with enough food for about 10 meals, helping each family for a few days.

The interaction between the volunteers and the camp residents was touching. It showed that kindness and support during hard times are valuable, offering hope and a sense of community.

Watch the video and look at the photos below.

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