AAA Global Care Foundation’s Successful Grocery Collection Event in Prague

On November 11, 2023, the AAA Global Care Foundation held a grocery and sanitary material collection drive at Albert – Galerie Harfa in Prague. I am pleased to report that the event was a success, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and the generosity of the community.

Throughout the day, we were joined by numerous individuals who contributed to our cause, bringing with them a wide range of groceries and sanitary items. The atmosphere was one of quiet determination and community spirit, with everyone working together towards a common goal.

In total, we collected over 1,500 kilograms of goods, a significant amount that will undoubtedly be of great help to those in need. These items are now being prepared for distribution to various individuals and families who can benefit from them.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who participated, including our hardworking volunteers. Your support was crucial in making this event a success. The accompanying photos capture some moments from the day, highlighting the people who came together for this cause.

This event is just one of many ways the AAA Global Care Foundation is working to support our community. We are encouraged by the success of this drive and are motivated to continue our efforts in helping those in need.

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